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You are welcome to do as much or as little as possible when you are staying here with us. When you are tired of strolling in the garden, had enough tea cocktails, are full of cake and finished that book...

​One of the not-to-be-missed experiences unique to staying on a tea growing estate. This is a definite for tea enthusiasts and simple occasional tea drinkers alike. Your guide will explain the full process from planting through to harvesting and production whilst titillating your taste buds with various teas, including white,green,black & oolong and other Satemwa specialties. 

This can be booked even if you are not staying with us but need to be booked in advance.


​We personally think we live in Mountain bike Heaven! There are endless tracks and dirt roads to explore and be prepared for lots of uphills and exiting downhills... We have a selection of  mountain bikes available if you don't have your own. You can choose the trail and length of time you wish to be out, while we will provide the bikes, helmets, water bottles and advice about routes and areas to explore. Enjoy!


​Though Satemwa is primarily a tea growing estate, we have grown coffee since the -70s. As part of our ongoing program to make the estate more accessible to visitors, we offer a In season guided walk through Satemwa's coffee fields which are wild, open and set in spectacular scenery. The tour highlights all the activities going on at that particular time. The main harvesting season for coffee is between May and late August. If you are a big coffee lover there is always something going on so please ask and we can arrange a tour for you.

With over 105 miles of dirt roads and hundreds more paths and tracks, Satemwa is a fantastic and diverse place to explore on foot. Take a leisurely stroll to one of the streams, meander through the coffee fields or take a hike up to the rock and be awarded with amazing views over the end of the rift valley.


An ornithologists' paradise, the varied vegetation on the estate provides ideal habitats for a variety of Malawi's bird species including the little-known bird of Africa’s disappearing montane evergreen forests, the Thyolo Alethe (Alethe choloensis). Found in the estate's protected patches of indigenous forests  and listed as an endangered species. We are very excited about our birds and we have seen an increase in spices in the last few years. We have our own guide that can take you for a walk any time of the day.


This imposing mountain rises to almost 10000ft (3000m), dwarfing all that surrounds it. Popular for hiking and mountaineering with a variety of trails and huts on the massif, Mulanje is the third highest free-standing peak in Africa. 1 One hour and 30 min from the estate, guides can be arranged for any guests wishing to tackle Malawi's largest piece of rock! 

SOCIAL responsibility

Satemwa has an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme supporting a number of projects associated with the estate. Sporting activities offer workers a breather after a week of hard work and are popular with various divisions participating in competitive soccer on the estate's football field, a lively event for any spectator! Satemwa Primary School provides education to approximately 900 pupils in partnership with the Malawi Government.

​Addressing the extensive deforestation of Malawi has been deemed a priority for the estate's CSR programme. Through regular tree planting on Satemwa, staff members are introduced to more efficient forms of energy for cooking and heating in their communities.


​​Huntingdon House guests are invited to help themselves to the various lawn games available at the house. Croquet and Badminton are available from the house staff at any time. Thyolo Sports Club, situated on grounds donated by the Estate, features a 9 hole golf course, swimming pool, tennis and other activities available for guests enjoyment for a daily fee.​

Satemwa is conveniently located and day trips to Majete Game Reserve in the Lower Shire Valley, Zomba Plateau, Blantyre or Mulanje are possible. If there is something you'd like to see in the area, please let us know and we'll do our best to facilitate a trip!

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